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True luxury always gives you the added value that you wouldn't find anywhere else. LIYA GARDENS in Green Herzliya completely follows this dictum. Beyond the modern design of the building itself, its prestigious specifications and meticulous finish, is the fact that it was designed according to the "private garden" concept. Consequently, residents will have access to an enclosed private park which not only envelops the buildings, but also extends between them in a unique manner never seen before in the area.

  • Two boutique 9-story buildings with 34 apartments each.
  • Elegant 3 and 5-room apartments, unique garden apartments, mini-penthouses and large penthouses with beautiful views.
  • Each apartment in the building is a beautifully-designed modern residence with opulent specifications.
  • Luxury specifications and meticulous finishings inspired by the "private garden" concept extend to the private enclosed park enjoyed by the buildings' residents.
  • A 500 sqm private park, featuring a concept never seen before in this area, surrounds the buildings and is available for residents' exclusive benefit. The park is accessed using a key or passcode.
  • A rare combination of modern urban planning and nature in the heart of the city creates the perfect environment for raising children.
  • First-rate architects paid special attention to the design of the buildings' communal spaces in the main lobbies as well as the elevator lobbies on each floor.
  • A great deal of thought has been invested in the building's ecological development.
  • Double underground parking spots are available for 5-room apartments, and a single spot is available for 3-room apartments.
  • Situated across from IDC Herzliya, the area attracts brilliant minds from all over Israel, increasing the area's prestige and real estate value.
  • Minutes away from the heart of Herzliya, everything is close and accessible.
  • The buildings are situated close to the Performing Arts Center, the Sport Center, Country Club, Herzliya Park, and of course the Seven Stars Mall.
  • Proximity to the area's main roads and central traffic routes affords residents quick access to Tel Aviv via the Ayalon Highway or Highway 2.
  • Constructed in strict compliance with green building principles.
  • Architect: BLK Architects
  • Construction Contractor: Ram Aderet
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